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2016    Instability of Supersonic Cold Streams Feeding Galaxies I: Linear Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability with Body                                    Modes, Mandelker, Nir; Padnos, Dan; Dekel, Avishai; Birnboim, Yuval; Burkert, Andreas; Krumholz, Mark R.;                            Steinberg, Elad, submitted to MNRAS.

2016   Grid noise in moving mesh codes: fixing the volume inconsistency problem, Steinerg, Elad; Yalinewich, Almog;                          Sari, Re'em, MNRAS, 459, 1596.

2015   The Galactic Center cloud G2 and its gas streamer, Pfuhl, Oliver; Gillessen, Stefan; Eisenhauer, Frank; Genzel,                          Reinhard; Plewa, Philipp M.; Ott, Thomas; Ballone, Alessandro; Schartmann, Marc; Burkert, Andreas; Fritz, Tobias K.;              Sari, Re’em; Steinberg, Elad; Madigan, Ann-Marie, 2015, ApJ, 798, 111.

2015   RICH: Open Source Hydrodynamic Simulation on a Moving Voronoi Mesh, Yalinewich, Almog; Steinberg, Elad; Sari,                 Re’em., 2015, ApJS, 216, 35.

2015   Balancing the load: A Voronoi based scheme for parallel computationsSteinberg, Elad; Yalinewich, Almog; Sari,                      Re’em; Duffell, Paul, 2015, ApJS, 216, 14.

2015   Spins of Large Asteroids: A Hint of a Primordial Distribution in Their Spin RatesSteinberg, Elad & Sari, Re’em, 2015,            AJ, 149, 124.

2011  Binary YORP Effect and Evolution of Binary Asteroids, Steinberg, Elad & Sari, Re'em, AJ, 141, 55.


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